Stress and Depression





Do you feel run down, overwhelmed, or worried on a regular basis?

How is stress created.?

The Reptilian brain is the oldest part of our brain. It is part of our survival. When we were cave- men we had to gather our own food and had to survive in the wild. Today we are not in the wild anymore but the instinct of survival is always in the back of your brain for protection.We have evolved but the fight or flight mode is always active.

We need to learn how to manage daily life and all it has to offer. Deadlines….Not to be in flight mode the whole time.

When we do not deal with the stress, anxiety or depression , it creates dis- ease in the body. Lack of sleep and headaches is  to name a few.

Stress is a factor in some behaviors like overeating or not eating enough, alcohol or drug abuse, or social withdrawal.

Money troubles, job issues, relationship conflicts, and major life changes, like moving or the loss of a loved one.

Surviving a robbery, rape, or a natural disaster creates stress.








Do you feel:

helplessness and hopelessness?

Anger or irritability?

Appetite or weight changes?

crying a lot?

losing interest in life?

There is a better way!






Create the life you were meant to live.

It all start with our thoughts and changing the old programming

Let go of  past beliefs and step into the new you…

Using Hypnosis we work with the subconscious mind where we change those patterns.

Hypnosis is a relaxed feeling to create change

What would you like to create?

Create just that….

Hypnosis heals.

Yoga and meditation is a way to find balance

Yoga strengthens the body

Meditation quiets the mind



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