Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

Traumatic memories from past lives may be limiting your potential for success in this life.


Permanent change can take place when that part is healed

My first experience with a past life was listening to a tape recording back in the days, Using Doreen Virtues tape cassette how to go into a past life.

I quiet myself down with breathing techniques and  With no previous experience- I focused on my intention and a question of why I was struggling with my weight – issues in this life?

I go back in time in my imagination to Marie Antoinette’s life in the early  1700.

Wearing the traditional fashion of that time where the waist is emphasized, the middle strapped in, hardly space to breathe and I hear myself say- “I will not go hungry again”

I made a vow in that life that is keeping me back and sabotaging me in this life.

I did not have any training so I did not know what to do with that vow.

I wanted to know more about past lives and after enquiring, finding out that hypnosis is the best way to do past lives. I studied hypnosis-  and now as a Therapist,  I can assist clients to create change and Past lives is just one aspect of Hypnosis.

I use Past Lives daily in my sessions with clients and have experienced many past lives myself to heal those aspects of myself.


It is important that a  trained hypnotherapist guide you if experiences are frightening, or painful- to understand the memory and to use it as healing in this current life.

Using hypnosis techniques, in a deeply relaxed, trance-like state, these memories are accessed and the client will be able to recall events that consciously you will not be unable to recall.

It can be sort of like watching a movie or a video game where you could move around and investigate a room or scene. You can experience smells and emotions feelings. Using all your senses, taste, know, sense, feel, hear and know.

You may have phobias or fears – such as a fear of heights – that are not explained by any present life experience, or you may have a pain or disease that you were born with, or you may have a limiting core belief that I “am not worthy”. Exploring your subconscious mind to access these memories and achieve understanding.

Important to know that a past life is there to understand beliefs of that time and how it affects you in this life.

It is not a way of means to get stuck there and use blame for current life experiences.

It can be a way-shower of how you can change your thoughts and beliefs in this life.


In my work with hypnosis- past lives flow out of it to examine the experiences that seemed to have formed the root of the client’s current fears and phobias.  Current fears and phobia’s or issues in past life, are often resolved.

Traumatic memories from past lives may be limiting your potential for success in this life.

Permanent change can take place when that part is healed.


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