Hypnosis with Life In Between Life

Past live- going into Life Between Life   Case Study



My client fears flying. The thought of the plane falling created anxiety and he refused to fly. The first session we worked with the fear of falling and flying.

After further discussion it appeared that is was the fear of not being in control that created the fear of flying.

We are like an onion- and as we peel the layers- the root cause will surface.

With further investigation the root was fear of dying.

With Hypnosis, being in a relaxed state  (Peter) regressed to a past life. He is in his twenties and has a lieutenant officer, has  a green uniform on, in France in a war. Using muzzle guns and are in trenches.

Chaos erupted as everyone was shooting- creating confusion. In the proses, he was wounded and there are a lot of casualties. Lying on the ground, knowing the ideal would be to die, if caught he would be captured by the enemy and maybe tortured.

I asked Peter to go to the scene where he breathes out his last breath. Immediately he could float up and look down at his body on the ground. He remembered that he is not his body and the Soul is eternal. With knowing this and experiencing it- the fear of death was resolved. He explained that it was empowering to know this.

We all know that we are born on earth and that we would die. Many people fear death.

He could go to an in between life where time does not exist. Sometimes the Soul needs healing before it can be restored.

What feels like one day can be 500 years in earth time.

You can find your own answers on who are you,  why you are here. where do you come from?

You will experience a unique spiritual experience, having an open mind.

Everything the clients knows is inside his own mind. All your answers are inside of you.

The client uses insight, the super conscious  and imagination during hypnosis and Soul Life In Between Life sessions

The client comes to understand their soul and purpose is this life and the awareness of their gifts in this world.

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