About Leonie

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Leonie comes from a traditional Christian background. She did 3 years of Bible School and with Hypnosis training started her Spiritual Awakening.

Leonie feels that there is a gap between the western healing modalities used today and that holistically we can work with body, mind, and spirit towards creating change.

Leonie wanted to know more about Past Lives, different fragments of ourselves and knew that she had to learn how to tap into this part of self, to release the past and started her journey studying Hypnosis with Translife in Gauteng.

Leonie did a Life Coach course with Translife  AND NLP Coaching and is

an Ethno Psychology Practitioner EPP.

 Leonie is Accredited by:




Leonie accommodates any Religion Practices without judgment to help a person find their way back to God (Source)


Leonie Specializes in;

Licensed Hypno Band Weight Loss System

Spirit Release Therapy

Soul Retrieval

Past lives

Life and in-between lives

Study Enhancements

Stop Smoking

And much more…………………

Leonie focuses on the client to achieve their goal and to find the best resources to be successful. Leonie helps the client to release the past that binds them.

Each person is unique and Leonie helps to find a solution for their limiting beliefs.

Leonie, a Certified Hypnotherapist will guide you to bring balance and peace of mind into your life.

Transform your challenges and to find  Solutions.

She works on one on one session, in groups, and via Skype/Online

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Leonie believes in Inner Self work.

To improve your life: to change that which is not serving you anymore through Hypnosis.

She has been fortunate to have had mentors helping her achieve that, releasing the past that binds us and to know that life is a journey.

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