When I first arrived in Bloemfontein from Johannesburg I did not know what to expect. I didn’t know anyone here; I left behind a job and my family and friends so needless to say I was completely daunted. I had also started looking for a job but felt absolutely hopeless since all the avenues I tried didn’t bring any success. I had read about Leonie from her website while I was researching therapies in Bloemfontein. I was leaving behind my support network in Johannesburg and I wasn’t sure if I would find the same support in Bloemfontein.

When I met Leonie I immediately felt at ease. There are no airs and graces with her, you get a genuine experience with re-connecting with yourself. Just her calm and collected way of explaining things and taking you through the process made such an impact. I left feeling rejuvenated and hopeful after my first hypnotherapy session. What I enjoy most about these sessions is that Leonie gives you tools to use daily which means you begin to grow as a person and become more and more reliant on the tools you gain rather than being totally reliant on the therapist.

Soon after my sessions, I landed a job and even though a temp one I am grateful for the hypnotherapy sessions that helped me clear my energy.
I believe hypnotherapy works well on fears, deep-seated emotional trauma that may be stuck for a long time and unlike more conventional therapies the shifts are a lot faster and in my opinion last longer.

I believe hypnotherapy gives you inside information into the most important person in your life Yourself!

I also believe that a good therapist is someone like Leonie who is honest, gentle and patient. She is not going to tell you things you may like to hear about yourself but she does make you understand the need for change and how to go about it. Her method is gentle and approachable.


Leonie, thank you so much for the life-changing work you are doing with me.
When I started working with Leonie life just seemed to get to me. My relationships were in turmoil and negativity and anger consumed me.
Since I started on the healing journey with Leonie I could feel the relief of the work she was doing with me in every aspect of my life. Except for the relief I could experience, I could see the benefits in my everyday life. My relationships started changing and many of them were saved. Thank you Leonie for your loving guidance and patience in helping me heal. It is great to see the changes of the healing work in everything around me, not just inside me.
I stand in awe of the healing work Leonie helped me with when I had cancer. Leonie explained that our physical problems sometimes manifest as emotional wounds. Leonie advised me that I should do some Inner Healing Work on top of the standard medical procedures and that I could physically benefit from that. I wondered about that and almost could not believe that doing Inner Healing Work could help my physical body heal, but I decided to give it a try.
While working with Leonie I soon discovered that within my tumor were trapped lots of pain from my childhood that seemed to manifest in my physical body. Leonie gently guided me through the healing process and just as I healed emotionally, my tumor started shrinking. I am healed 100% and today I am very grateful for the work Leonie did with me.
Thank you Leonie I really hope that everyone can start their healing journey with you and experience healing in their relationships, emotions and physical body like I did.
M.A. Sonnekus

I just want to keep you up to date with my weight loss

I did the Hypno Band Weight Loss with Leonie

I am so delighted to let you know that I lost 2 kg in my first week

2 ,5 kg in my second week

2 kg in my third week and going strong

Thank you for giving me the tools to let go of my weight issues

F   F     Free State

Coming to  Leonie for weight loss

I did the Hypno Band with Leonie and gained more than weight loss

I stop smoking as an added bonus

Hypnosis works

Y.M     Bloemfontein

Hypno Band Weight Loss System

I came to Leonie to do the Hypno Band Weight Loss System

After my first 4 sessions, I felt different about myself  and my body

I  immediately started noticing that I ate smaller portions and became full more quickly- helping me to lose my weight

S.M     St Francis Bay

Hypno Band

I started listening to the first CD before I came for my first session with Leonie

The reprogramming of the mind already started to work and I lost 2 kg before going to Leonie for my first weight loss Hypno Band

Session. This program works for me

L B   Kimberley

Hypno-Band Weight Loss

I am 16 years old

I came to Leonie for the Hypno Band Weight Loss System

I lost 8 kg in my first month after fitting the Virtual Gastric Band

Thank you so much for helping  me gain power over my weight loss

MC  Bloemfontein

Ja ek weet baie se dat Hipnose is van die duiwel, maar die hipnose het my oe oop gemaak en laat besef het dat die Here goed en groot is en dat hy enige mannier kan en sal gebruik om ons natuurlike mense te help om in die Here se lig te bly, is daar dan nie geskryf in Hosea 4:6 My volk gaan te gronde weens gebrek aan kennis. Laat die Heilige gees jou lei en as jy hulp nodig het vra, niemand kan jou help as jy nie vra nie eens die Heilige gees of die engele en die Here kan jou eers help AS JY VRA!!!!
Dis ‘n wonderlike hulpmiddel wat deur die Here gegee is aan Leonie om deur die hulp van die Heilige gees en engele vir jou die regte gereedskap en die manier hoe om dit te gebruik om jou te help om op te hou rook. Die besluit le nog steets by jou of jy wil op hou en as jy die besluit geneem het sal jy met die hulp van die Heilige gees en Leonie die gereedskap te kan gebruik om jou doel te bereik of dit op hou rook of enige iets waarmee jy sukkel maklik en moeite vry deur te gaan.

Groete in Jesus naam
Lynn Botes

Stop smoking with Leonie’s help

I stopped smoking for 2 years and missed the high feeling that it gave me. I started to smoke again.

Leonie helped me to quit this bad habit forever, replacing that feeling of having a high on life and be happy as a non-smoker, no longer having to use smoking to be content and happy.

A.    from Bloemfontein

I came to see Leonie about a year ago. I had an addictive habit that controlled my life and I was out of control. I started seeing Leonie regularly and started to use the tools that Leonie gave me to cope through daily life. We worked with the emotions behind the need to use something to numb my life.

We reprogrammed my mind so that I could be free of this addiction.

As I look back I can see the change in myself, taking my own power back, being in control of my life.

I can now create a better life for me without my addiction.

Thank You Leonie for helping me to shift this addiction.

Stop Smoking

I stop smoking on the very first session with Leonie

Leonie gave me tools to use when I crave a cigarette.

The more I apply and use the tools, the easier it becomes to be smoke-free


Stop Smoking

I did the stop smoking package with Leonie and I apply my tools every day to be smoke free.

Ed K

The stop smoking packaged helped me to stop smoking for good


Hypnosis helped me to stop smoking and I stand in my power daily



My brother’s friend stop smoking after he used Leonie’s stop smoking packaged, with her succesrate of 93% I knew that I could quit as well

Mv R Welkom

I did my SKYPE sessions with Leonie to quit smoking and it worked.

JS Kimberley

Stop Smoking

I just want to let you know that I stopped smoking now for 3 months

Thank you  Leonie, keep up the good work


I am 18 years old and very sensitive to other peoples energy and their expectations. I mostly feel overwhelmed by it and I start to exclude myself more and more from normal day to day life. Leonie gave me tools to assist me, so that I could function and adjust my life, to flow more in the present.

MJ Ficsburg


I came to see Leonie about a year ago

I had an addictive habit that controlled my life and I was out of control.

I started seeing Leonie regularly and started to use the tools that Leonie gave me to cope through daily life.

We worked with the emotions behind the need to use something to numb my life.

We re-programmed my mind so that I could be free of this addiction.

I had so many aha moments

As I look back I can see the change in myself, taking my own power back, being in control of my life.

I can now create a better life for me without my addiction.

Thank You Leonie for helping me to shift this addiction.

Thaba Nchu


I could not fall asleep and I would wake up many times during the night.

I woke up tired and I went to sleep tired

Leonie did inner child work with me and regressed me to a time where I felt unsafe. This sessions was done via SKYPE.

We healed that part, AND now I can sleep

MB Johannesburg


I came to see Leonie about my self-doubt, always pleasing everybody else, and not achieving my goals.

I saw Leonie each month and we worked through every aspect of my fears and doubts.

I also wanted to fall pregnant, that was not happening for a while now.

The inner child work that we did and also healing the inner conflicts I had about parenthood, within a month after doing that, I fell pregnant

Leonie, thank you for the difference you made in my thought patterns.

I highly recommend making effort to work with Leonie to resolve what is keeping you from living your life to the fullest.



I took the 8-week program with Leonie to sort out old beliefs about myself.

I was unhappy in my current relationship and pleasing everybody else, finding myself angry, anxious and lost.

We used a combination of modalities that Leonie offer to work with self-doubt, a feeling to run away from everything and much more

Wow, Leonie empowered me to make the changes necessary, to come into myself, to know who I am, and where I am going, and the knowledge, that only I can change that.

Change is not easy, but when you do, you become free

LH Kimberley


I was physically and emotionally drained because of recurring nightmares.

I am on strong medication that does not help.

I lost my life partner 6 months ago and feel hopeless and suicidal.

After the first session, I experienced a major shift and 2 days later, when I saw Leonie again, I could come to accept what is and started focus on creating a better life for me, I had hope for the future.

HM Dewetsdorp

Suicidal thoughts and Depressed for more than 20 years

I landed in the ICU for attempting suicide and felt hopeless and has already given up. Leonie helped me after my treatment in the Psychological Hospital to regain my life back. Letting go of the old thinking patterns and beliefs of not being good enough, feeling abandoned and alone. It was a prosses to recovery using Hypnosis, inner child work, past lives, BWRT and spiritual healing. I am so thankful for having my life back. You saved my life…..



I carried a secret for a long time. I was bulimic and no one close to me knew about this. The day I purged for the 3 time in 1 day I knew it was time to get help. I ignored it for 5 years and could not change it by myself. I was ready to make the changes to become healthy on all levels.

I signed up for the 8 -week program where I saw Leonie twice a week. We worked with the root cause of this self- hate relationship I had with myself.

Every day I became stronger and took control of my eating and health.

I can honestly say that this program saved me from Bulimia. I never felt judged and it became easy to follow my own inner healing path. I was able to speak to relatives about this old pattern and I am free.