What Happens During a Session?

  • The first session is 2 hours long.


  • You are asked to fill out a personal information form and to sign the disclosure online and email the signed forms to Leonie 12h00 before your session.


  • During the intake, Leonie takes a brief personal medical history, talk in depth about the issue you’d like to resolve and she asks questions about your life so that she has a better idea of how to work with you.


  • Leonie and the client set a goal for this session.


  • Leonie dispels the basic myths that people have about hypnosis.


  • Leonie explains the relaxed state of mind and the process.

  • Once you are comfortable and all your questions have been answered the relaxed state of body and mind can begin


  • After the relaxed state is completed, we can talk about your experience, Leonie will give you feedback and you can ask more questions. Remember you are in control all the way.


  • Leonie will teach you self hypnosis that you can use between sessions, taking back control of your life.


  • Leonie does the entire relaxed state of body and mind by herself.

  • How many sessions will I need?”

  • It depends on you, what you came to work on and how responsive you are to hypnosis. Most clients come for an average of 3-6 sessions. Client focused sessions are worked out and Leonie has differend programs available.


  • Follow up sessions are 1-2hours. We check in, review what worked, what did not work, set new goals and then begin the relaxed state for that session.


  • Following this relaxed state, most of the clients feel an incredible sense of relaxation. They feel energized and refreshed. Some liked the feeling so much that they want to stay in that state of relaxation.

Leonie will empower you with the skills to create the life you want and providing practical tools to guide you towards inner peace and balance in life.

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