Does your mind go blank when you need to write exams?

Study Enhancements

Leonie will help you to release tension and fear… key factors that inhabit your memory. You will find your special learning place deep within your subconscious mind, discover how to easily access and open your mind, so that information is effortlessly stored and retrieved at will.

Leonie will give you tools to easily recall needed information, to retrieve it effortlessly at will, to improve memory and help academic performance.

Leonie will help you to relax so that the mind can absorb information to remember facts, to process information and to recall it when needed effortlessly.
Leonie will help you improve memory and concentration; improve habits of learning to retain memory.
Leonie will help you eliminate test anxiety and exam nerves through self-hypnosis and to let old fears go.
Leonie will help you increase your self-confidence and learning abilities.
Leonie can help in study skill enhancement for better performance.


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