Fear of Public Speaking

Did you know that public speaking is up as one of the highest fears people experience, up with death!

If you find that when you do public speaking, you may feel anxious, fears or maybe even a phobia, it may be affecting your sleep and ability to focus on anything else.

Leonie works with you to get to the root cause of how you are feeling and then enabling you to remove fears and any other negative emotions from the past and present and also any limiting beliefs you may have about who you are as a public speaker and interact with other people  so that the anxiety, nerves, and fears can now be something of the past and you can now be in a place of calm, being your natural self when you are public speaking, making it now a far more enjoyable process and something you enjoy.

You will realize how much more energy you have, how much more motivated and focused you are and having more and more of what you really want to have!

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