Life In Between Lives

Past Lives


Past Lives Regression is a Prerequisite for Soul Journey into In- Between Lives that can last 2-3 hours


It is essential to prepare you for the LBL session and allows a greater depth of trance and relaxation and also to trust the process and the therapist.


Your Past Life Session takes you into the wondrous realm of spirit.

You become aware of other dimensions. This is a unique experience.

You review that life and the lessons learned and how it is linked to this current life.



Soul Journey into Live In-between Lives



All journeys are profound and make a difference to the choices we make today and for our future.

We are eternal beings having many experiences on earth and on other planets. We experience many lifetimes on earth to learn our lessons.

The subconscious mind holds the key to knowledge and memory of all experiences and existences. 


What happens after we die?


Each person’s journey is unique and shows the person what they need to see.


Spiritual Regression through Hypnosis takes the client deep enough to connect with soul memories and bring into their awareness what happened in a past life and the last day of that life into death.

The client experience that they are not their body and releases the fear of death as they float out of their body. Your journey into the Spirit Realm enfolds. You remember that you are immortal and return back to spirit.

There are many areas to investigate, discuss contracts, soul mates and much more.


Any past life issues that may have been experienced in your previous session can be worked on here to release unwanted burdens.

The time between lifetimes. We all have heard that Gods time is not our time. There is no time in spirit- what seems like a day could be 100 years in earth years.


Our life purpose, soul name, relationships or karma, soul purpose can be explored. You will meet your soul group, visit the Akashic records, a laboratory, most times after trauma or an illness you will be guided to a place of rest and healing, meet up with the council and the place of life choice, why you choose your sex, body, and lifestyle for this current life .


All our experiences are pre-arranged between us in spirit before we incarnate in this physical body.

Souls come into our lives to play out their part.


The AKASHIC Records. 


In this library: that holds all lifetimes, the client receives wisdom and understanding about a lifetime and all its details.


Healing space:


If the soul has experienced trauma and deep hurt in a lifetime before they can move on they need a healing space to restore and find their inner peace again.

It can be like a hospital that I visited once- as we are multidimensional beings- I could review simultaneously healing on that level as well.


The council of elders: This group of wise beings answers questions, guide and affirm in a loving and supportive way. The number can vary from a few up to 20 beings. They convey acceptance and support. Your questions are answered, often in a way that is not expected, but always profound and with purposeful meaning.


The choice of the current life:

This place often looks like a huge computer room with many screens.

Your Guide is there to assist, but you get to choose the lifestyle, your sex, color and type of body to use as your vehicle to experience your soul purpose for the coming life.

You find out why you choose your family/parents and how you are doing so far on your life’s journey. 


After the LBL session, you will have a much greater sense of who you are as an immortal being and why your current physical life is important.

You will receive healing, clarity and come to a deep sense of meaning for your current life. You will recognize your life challenges and your gifts.

Peace, acceptance, forgiveness and emotional healing are received.

Profound positive change occurs.


After the session


  • Set aside rest time after your session.


  • Journal directly after your session– to integrate all that was experienced


  • Allow time for reflection.


Essential requirements prior to your session

  • Be well rested.
  • No alcohol  or drug use before sessions
  • The session is long, it may take 3-4 hours, eat something light beforehand and avoid too much caffeine and liquids.
  • Time goes by very quickly when undergoing an LBL session.


Preparation  for the Session


Please prepare the following for the session, preferably a typed list and e-mail it to me in advance.


  • What is it that you want to understand or learn?


  • A sentence depicting your main reason for your Life Between Lives Session.


  • Current Life: list  5-7 people in your life who has the greatest influence on you. In short please describe their basic character and influence.


  • Current Life-  list 7 -10 questions about your current life that you would like answered by your Spiritual Advisors.

Most people are satisfied with one session, while others may wish to explore more.



To allocate a booking- full payment is required.

The sessions are long and allocated  specialy for you

No double bookings

Non –  refundable and not- transferable


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