Book your free 20-minute Assesment Consultation via Telephone call, whats up video

or SKYPE to find out what program will suit you best

Arrange a date and time that will suit both parties involved, the client makes the call

Payments :
Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Regret no card facilities, no cash payments

Terms and Conditions apply.

All packages and sessions must be paid in full before the start of the session

Unused Package and SKYPE sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Hypnotherapy sessions with Leonie can produce rapid and powerful change.

The first session is 2 hours long.

Follow up sessions last 1 hour.

You will not be rendered unconscious in the type of hypnosis Leonie uses.

You will feel deeply relaxed but in full control of your experience and will awake with full recollection of your experiences.

Hypnosis is no more mysterious or difficult than meditation or daydreaming.

The process of Hypnosis is client-centered; meaning that you will be exploring your own inner world under Leonie’s direction, not simply listening to Leonie reading you a script of hypnotic suggestions.

That’s what makes her work uniquely powerful.
All techniques used during a session are non- medical.
Medical Aids do not cover the costs.



Please respect the time allocated and make sure you are on time.

When you make an appointment that time period will be reserved for you only.
Leonie does not overbook in case of cancellations and rescheduled appointments.
24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Unless you give 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or to reschedule your appointment you will be charged for the entire session.

That session will count as one of your package sessions if you purchased a package


Skype sessions available in the comfort of your home.


Leonie works by appointment only.

Mondays  to Friday from 08h00-17hoo


Please note that all booked consultations require 24 hours’ notice for any cancellation.

email Leonie at


072 022 1063, leave a whats up message when she is busy