Soul Retrieval

Does it feel like a part of yourself is missing?

Imagine you are like a puzzle. Some of the puzzle pieces are missing, like a hole in your body.

Depression, a feeling of incompleteness, an inability to move forward on some issue, lost memories, feeling like you are not in control of your life, people who say I felt like part of me died when…, or people who say I feel like so and so stole my soul.

Soul loss is often accompanied by a feeling that something is missing from life.

With Soul Retrieval Leonie Helps you to find that missing pieces, bring it back into the body so that you can be whole and complete and you can take back your power.

There are various reasons for soul loss.

If a person was in an abusive situation part of one’s soul may leave to protect itself from the abuse.

Sometimes as a child, fighting parents may prompt the soul part to hide because the child is scared.

If a traumatic accident is about to occur such as an impact or accident the soul would leave so that it wouldn’t be affected by the force of the accident.

If a loved one is lost, the soul part may go until the person is ready to deal with their grief.

All of these are very healthy mechanisms of protection.

In some cases, the soul part will return on its own.  But if it does not realize how to return, or if it does not know that it is safe to return.

Another way to lose one’s soul is to give it to someone.

When two people are in love, or when they are in a family, it sometimes occurs that they will give portions of their soul to their loved ones.

A mother may give some to her child because she wishes to protect him or her.  This type of soul exchange may seem acceptable because of a person’s desire to share themselves with another.

So soul stealing can be innocent, you see someone with lots of energy and you want to borrow some of it.  You are afraid of losing someone, so you take a piece of that person with you so that you will always have him or her close by.

Soul stealing can also be a way to dominate another.

For instance, soul stealing may be seen where an abusive spouse has taken his or her partner’s soul.

When you take someone’s soul you take some of that person’s power.


Shock or being in a coma can also be a symptom of soul loss.

Leonie can help with the different modalities that she uses to take control of your life and teach you to make the most of your life.