Stop Smoking-Quit Now

Stop smoking without withdrawal symptoms

Say no to tobacco and cigarettes.

During the hypnotherapy sessions, Leonie will help you break the habit of

Leonie will help you break the connections with smoking, whether they
are emotional (such as stress or boredom) or physical (such as after
a meal or with a drink) and help you feel great about saying “no” to
cigarettes and tobacco.

Some people may have stopped smoking in the past, using willpower or
some other method, only to replace smoking with snacking.

Stop for good in this 2 Hour stop smoking program

Leonie helps you transfer the satisfaction that you may have had from
smoking to something that is better for you, perhaps drinking more water
or doing exercise.

When I stop smoking, will I gain weight?

Leonie will give you powerful suggestions in hypnosis that there will be
no increase in your appetite on becoming a non-smoker.

This allows you to become a non-smoker without gaining weight.

What most people don’t realize is that smoking is both a habit and an
addiction and both aspects must be addressed for optimal success.

The Benefits of Stop Smoking

• After just 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse return to normal

• After eight hours levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide in your system

will be halved

• After one day your carbon monoxide level will be at non-smokers’ levels

• After three days your breathing becomes easier as the bronchial tubes

begin to relax

• In the long-term, stop smoking reduces the risk of lung and other

cancers, heart attack, stroke and chronic lung disease. After 5 to 15
years the level of risk returns to that of a non-smoker

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You will receive a pm3 recording that you can listen  to reinforce being  a non-smoker

Listening to this recording will reprogram the mind that you are a non-smoker